Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sea Affaire

Hello All!
Sea Affaire opened last night at the Piranha Shop. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to Sam and Vedada for putting the whole thing together.
Now that the show is over, I can share my paintings with you. 

I wrote a bit of a story to go with each piece, so I've included those as well.

Commander Veronica Buchanan

Commander Veronica Buchanan was Captain MacNally's first mate and right hand woman, on all of their voyages, in the Atlantic, aboard the USS Temptress. Being the Captain's exact opposite, Buchanan was as stickler for the rules and always kept the boat in tip top, ship shape. Any disorderly conduct or uncleanliness annoyed her to no end.
Buchanan took over command of The Temptress after Captain MacNally was left on one of the islands known now as "The Canaries", at her own request. She eventually retired at the age of sixty-six, after achieving a ranking of Admiral. She left the military, remembered as one of the Navy's most decorated and honored officers.

Ensign Shelley Johanson

Shelley Johanson ran away from home and lied about her age, in order to join the military. Her first naval voyage was aboard the USS Temptress. When pressed for details about her background, she would say she was twenty years old, a student of art, prior to deciding to serve her country, and from San Francisco. 
She had spun for herself a tale of the life she dreamt of leading. In reality, she was sixteen and from a small town in Nebraska that you've never heard of. Her parents ran a general store, selling soda pop and tobacco to kids just like Shelley, who would all inevitably join the military or go to prison.
She saw the ocean for the first time as she arrived at port and boarded the Temptress. 

La Sirena

Her name is unpronounceable for anyone without gills. Though, she was able to learn to speak several human languages fairly well.
After her ship, La Fantasma, sailed above her kingdom, La Sirena fell madly and helplessly in love with the pirate Captain Magdalena Manyakes. She spent the rest of her life following her ship, swimming beside it like a dolphin, in an attempt to be closer to her love, leaving behind friends, family, and any hope for a happy life. If Magdalena reciprocated any feelings toward the mermaid, she kept them to herself. 
As a convenient nickname, perhaps tinged with a drop of affection, Manyakes referred to the mermaid as La Sirena. La Sirena embraced the name openly as her human name and introduced herself, thusly, whenever meeting any new humans.

Captain Sarah MacNally

The moment her ship left port, Captain Sarah MacNally, of the USS Temptress, would doff her restrictive military garb, electing for her more comfortable peacoat and turtleneck sweater; harking back to the time of Herman Melville, Ahab, and Nemo. A time which existed, now, only in her memory. Despite her romantic disregard for protocol, the women under MacNally's command respected and followed her with unwavering reverence.
On her last voyage, as captain of the Temptress, MacNally and her crew accidentally happened upon the ship of the infamous pirate Captain Magdalena Manyakes. After narrowly escaping slaughter, thanks to the help of a mermaid negotiator, MacNally decided she had had enough of Navy life and asked to be left on the nearest inhabitable island, passing command of the the Temptress to her friend and first mate, Veronica Buchanan. She spent her remaining years free and alone with her thoughts, eating mangoes and drinking banana liqueur.

Captain Magdalena Manyakes

Captain Magdalena Manyakes was the most feared pirate in the Atlantic. Any ships that crossed her path, wished they hadn't. She had killed more people than she could remember and looted almost as many ships.
For many years, a mermaid, whom Manyakes called "La Sirena", followed her ship, La Fantasma, through the treacherous waters she patrolled. Though her callous exterior and austere disposition prevented her from indulging in the luxury of a loving relationship, a small, timid part of Magdalena, buried deep in her bosom, wished for such a rapport with the beautiful Sirena. Though she would never fully act upon her feelings, Manyakes took comfort in knowing that her fish-tailed counter part was always close by, just below the surface of the water.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the show happen, to everyone who came through for the opening, and for anyone who bought some of my work!!

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