Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shoreclay is the only way.

Hello everyone!
Per usual, it has been a long time since my last blog post. I am making a resolution to write posts more frequently. 

A WHOLE LOT has happened since my last post. 
Ego and I got engaged. 
Then we got married. 
Went on our honeymoon to New York, Scotland, and France. And participated in the Scottish Tattoo Convention, while there. 
Got a motorcycle. 
Along with our esteemed colleague, Khalil Linane, we attended the Art Tattoo Show Quebec.
(Respect, love, and gratitude to James from Edinburgh, and Pierre and Val from Quebec for making the conventions so great and for letting us be a part of them). 
Ego and I changed our last names to Shoreclay (a combination of mine, Shore, and his, Barclay).
Along the way I participated in a few art shows and made many many tattoos on great people. 
And gay marriage is now legal throughout the entirety of The United States of America.

It's a great time. Truly. 

So here are some tattoos:::
A healed cover up on Khalil's knee. 
A cute snow globe for Dani. 
Adorable piggy wig for Jamie
This bunny was done at the Scottish Tattoo convention on the lovely Jacqueline McPanderson :-). 
Rachel, one of my favorites to clients. 
Gnarly cover up on Raquel. 
Cajun cooking
Healed castle on Ashley, my hair guru. 
Rascally little fella done at the Art Tattoo Show Quebec. 
Jenna's awesome tummy. 
Caren is cool. 
Jonathan is a badass. 
Portrait of Sadie on my friend Shawn. peanut Butter cooking were the only human food she liked. 

Here are some paintings:
I painted "Lucky Tapirs" for a show called "Feeling Lucky" at Paper Diamonds Clothing Company at Urban Light, in Seattle. Not exactly with the theme, but meh; its lucky if I say it is. Thanks to Cash for inviting me to be a part of the show. 
This little guy sold opening night, which is awesome. This was also my first time working with gouache and I loved it. I'm planning on further cultivating this style in my future pieces. 
This is a sneaky peek preview of a piece that Ego and I collaborated on for Creature Feature. Show opens July 18th at Left Hand Black Studio, in San Diego. Thanks Crystal and Turk for including us and for being awesome. 
Ego and I are also going to be a part of Sea Affaire, put on by our friends Sam and Vedada. Opening in August, at the Piranha Shop, in Seattle. More info on that soon. 
These are my planned out painting ideas. All I have to do now is actually paint them!

Here are a few snap shots from our recent travels:
New York. Our hotel was on the other side of this building. 
Graveyard in edinburgh
We spent one night in London. 
The Louvre blew my mind I feel as though I have never been so inspired. I could spend a lifetime in there. 
Montmorency falls in Quebec. 
Art Tattoo Show Quebec. 

And here are some other photos:
I have tons of weird unflattering photos like this on my phone. Taken and used as reference for one project or another. This particularly terrible photo of me was taken to help me illustrate the body position for our Creature Feature piece. 
Here is a logo I designed for my friend Terra's company, Duet Vintage. Here you can see the before and after. Before, when it is a pen and ink illustration, and after I spent hours upon hours fixing it up in Photoshop. Stupid pixels. 
One of my favorite shots from our wedding. Thanks a million to Vera and Autumn for their fantastic photography. See more of Vera's work at 
And of course, the kids. I'd be lost without my husband and these stupid cats. 

My world is bright. I feel the promise of a wonderful future and the comfort of a steady and productive present and I am learning to forgive the past. 
As always, thanks for reading and looking. 
Remember, I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this together.