Saturday, August 16, 2014

Recent Tattoo Synopsis

I thought I'd make a blog post about tattoos. Just tattoos. No advertising for anything.
I feel that I am constantly trying to push things on the people who pay attention to my internet presence. Especially with my recent Timbuk2 competition. I am constantly trying to get YOU to do something for me. It's always about how many likes I can get. How many likes another person got. How many people commented on that photo? How many followers does that guy have? I'm getting a little burnt out on it. 
So here's a real blog post. A little venting, a few pictures, and no expectations.

James (mermaid) is going to let me tattoo his whole arm! I'm so excited. It started with the mermaid and we're almost done with the inside of his arm. Hopefully we'll be able to get started on his forearm soon.

This Hannya is on the boss, Fat Chris Adams. A huge honor to tattoo him. Thanks, man!

My friend Ani is getting this sick fox. I am so pumped on this tattoo. It stretches all the way from her ribs down to her ankle. It will be glorious, when it is done. Ani was the recipient of my first tattoo (before my apprenticeship, even!). And has only been tattooed by me. She is my masterpiece and I love her.

Some of these pictures are a few months old, but they are some of my favorites and I don't think I ever posted them in my blog.

Brooke has the best skin EVER.

This horse and the cat below it were both portraits of these girls' animal friends. I have been really happy about donating proceeds from my tattoos to animal charities. It feels good. It's also fun to get to tattoo so many cool animals. I especially enjoyed these 2 pet portraits because I was able to keep it in my natural drawing and tattooing style. With Shelley's horse, Star, She gave me the freedom to turn Star into a tattoo, rather than to do an exact photo realistic portrait. And with Eva's Rory, she liked the idea of a more stylized portrait with traditionalist flowers creating a border. Thanks, ladies!

Here's what's been going on recently:
I've been feeling a lot of pressure to make some sort of a statement. To do something with myself. This is all self-inflicted, of course.
Ego and I have been applying to a few different tattoo conventions around the world and it is opening my eyes to just how little anyone gives a shit about me. I am not a famous tattooer. I still have a lot to learn and I haven't been in the game very long. No one has heard of either Ego or me and so it is very difficult for us to get anyone's attention and to be allowed to get booths at conventions that we really want to go to.
I completely understand. The world is overflowing with amazing tattooers. I'm sure I would do the same thing if I was in the position to decide who got a booth at MY convention. It has been a humbling experience.

Thanks for listening everybody. Catch ya further on down the trail.



Timbuk2 is hosting a contest, called Timbuk2Tattooed. 
Several tattooers from across the country each hand-painted a messenger bag. You vote on your favorite one and the winner gets $450 donated to the charity of their choice. My charity is New Moon Farm Goat Sanctuary. Click HERE to vote!!!

You can see the bags in person at the Timbu2 store, in Downtown Seattle.