Saturday, September 7, 2013

W3AVE, Camping, and Tattoos

Hello, vast, ever expanding internet!

Here's the news:
This past Thursday (which would make that the first thursday of the month, as in, First Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk) I painted, in collaboration with Amy Huddleston and Ego, as a part of the W3AVE project. See Amy's art at and Ego's at
Here's how it worked: There were several teams of 3 artists participating in the event. Each artist began a painting on their own. We then met up at Axis Gallery (, to complete our pieces together. Each group of 3 had a work area. We passed our paintings around and spent an hour on each one, while people exploring First Thursday Art Walk walked between our work areas and observed the painting process. The completed pieces will be on exhibition at Bherd Gallery (, in Greenwood, this coming friday (which would make that the second friday of the month, as in, Second Friday Greenwood/Phinney Art Walk). You should go check it out!!!
Here are some pictures of our finished pieces
This is the one I started.

This is the one Amy started.

And this is the one Ego started.

Each of our paintings will be selling for $300. Please contact Bherd, if you're interested.

For those of you who did not know, FFOMT recently closed the shop so we could all go on a camping trip to Baker Lake. Here is a highlight picture:

And lastly, here is a picture of a tattoo I made today:
Thanks, Emily!

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