Sunday, February 12, 2012

Newspaper hats and wooden swords.

First session on Isaac's tattoo. It's a Kangaroo Rat and a Rough-Legged Hawk, fighting, presumably, to the death. Call me bias, but I always side with animals covered in fur. Go Ratz!

Cute umbrella tattoo. Thanks to this lovely lady for asking me to do this!

Also, thanks to Ken, for getting all those flowers and vines and pot leaves. I'll get a picture next time. And thanks to the girl who got a butterfly/stars/tribal swirls tramp-stamp from me last night. I took a picture of that one, but it came out blurry. Just google image search butterfly tramp stamp and you'll get the idea :)


  1. Hi I really really want a tattoo like the yellow umbrella above, is there anyway i can get hold of the designs for it?

  2. You can come to Fist Full of Metal Tattoo and get tattooed by me! 85th and greenwood, in seattle (206)783-ffom (3366).