Friday, November 11, 2011

Marsh Raven

It has been a pretty busy day at Under the Needle. The hum of tattoo machines has filled the air since we opened at noon. It's so nice to be surrounded by happy tattooers. And a busy tattooer is a happy tattooer.

I got to do this tattoo today for Joy (aka "Marsh Raven").

It's so nice to be able to do what I want and experiment a little with a client who is up for anything. This was only Joy's second tattoo (I did her first one too), and I am excited to tattoo her more in the future!


  1. Powerful, awesome, Megon Shore is a Tattoo Alchemist!

  2. Congratulations you two! This is an amazing collaboration between artist and client that takes tattoos to a new level and raises the bar. This is truly body art. Great job!!!